Lincoln Content Bank

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Empower Your Teachers

Put educator-vetted, standards-aligned supplemental resources
at their fingertips

Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services, we are proud to launch the Lincoln Content Bank for the 2023/2024 school year. This innovative tool gives educators access to infuse vetted, standards-aligned supplemental materials into their coursework with the click of a button.

The Lincoln Content Bank Supports

  • Individualized tutoring solutions
  • Blended, hybrid, or virtual learning
  • Remediation and enrichment
  • Homework options
  • Supplemental materials




Take A Closer Look

With the Lincoln Content Bank, teachers can access an EK-12 bank of nearly 110,000 vetted items. Additional features include:

  • Perceptive and rapid searching and browsing features
  • Customizable material for full classes or individual students
  • Streamlined access to learning objects that target different learning modalities
  • Cross-curricular learning opportunities



Don Lamison, who heads the nonprofit Urban Green Education Project, is doing wonders in the world of elevating possibilities for K-12 students on an international stage. He and his Indonesia-based nonprofit team believe fervently that urban sustainability begins with education, which serves as the foundation for their initiatives.

Laminson believes Lincoln’s Empowered curriculum and Lincoln Content Bank are a godsend to teachers who want to tailor their lessons. Check out the EdCuration podcast to hear Don explain how the Lincoln Content Bank works!

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