Reimagine what's possible in content development and publishing


Wave learning content management system enables meaningful collaboration, consistent development, and effortless publication to any LMS, allowing you to design how you educate.


Your one resource for content creation, delivery, and performance

Limited by our former LCMS and dissatisfied with alternatives in the marketplace, we developed Wave to address the substantial content creation and publishing void left by third-party products. Because Wave provides content authors an exceptional level of creative freedom, we recognize the benefits this tool affords those who share our passion for education. Wave frees you from the chains of restricting content management systems and lets you rediscover what’s possible in content development and publishing.

Content Authoring

Efficient content authoring

Template-based design and digital library storage functionality enable creating, saving, searching, managing, and reusing content in an efficient and consistent manner.

Effortless collaboration

Project workflow tools facilitate meaningful collaboration with team members, while the cloud-based, dynamic interface allows for easy navigation and reduced strain on IT teams.
User Friendly

User-friendly development tools

Recognizable word processing, design, and editing tools provide familiar visual cues that eliminate transition delays and boost productivity.

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A one-stop shop for creation, delivery, and performance, Wave takes the place of multiple content development tools, integrating a broad range of functionality into a single cost-effective application. Wave’s user-friendly interface enables easy navigation, and its scalable, feature-rich design ensures reliability, performance, and security. 


Need curriculum as well?

Clients in the PreK-12 education space can take advantage of our integrated Lincoln Empowered curriculum, which features more than 170 core, elective, and credit recovery courses. This feature gives partner schools the potential to offer curriculum design and delivery as a service so they can craft their own content for a consistent student experience or customize their own versions of Lincoln Learning content to meet specific personalization needs.   

Download the technical features sheet for Wave here:

Technical Features