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Better than anyone, you know what your students need to succeed. Finding a reliable partner to assist you in addressing ever-evolving student needs can be difficult. That’s why we’re here. Y
ou can depend on our thoughtful products, unprecedented service, and driven personnel to realize your vision.


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EK-8 Curriculum

Combining rich online media with tactile offline activities, the Lincoln Empowered™ EK-8 curriculum emphasizes and reinforces learning content in an engaging, consistent manner.

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9-12 Curriculum

With its intuitive design, our 9-12 curriculum limits technology "noise," enabling students to focus solely on course content and establish their own dynamic learning patterns.

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Digital Library

With access to 170,000+ digital learning objects, the Lincoln Empowered Digital Library allows educators to quickly and efficiently build the learning experiences they want for their students.

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Whether you want to create a virtual program, offer blended learning, or add a single course to your school's lineup, you can rely on our expertise and driven personnel to help you create the learning experiences you want for your students.

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The digital delivery and design of Lincoln Empowered makes customization for district curriculum mappings and alignment to state standards simple. 

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The multimodal approach of Lincoln Empowered allows you to personalize and extend learning for your students while meeting the performance needs of your district.

Based in Rochester, Pennsylvania, Lincoln Learning Solutions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization accredited by AdvancED and dedicated to collaborating with educators in leveraging our curriculum and services to facilitate student success in and beyond the classroom.

Like the steel towns that surround us, we operate on rust belt grit and resilience. The path we have traveled since 2005 has made us who we are now — a smarter, stronger, more driven educational solutions organization that embraces technology and its positive influence on learning.

In response to significant changes in the national education landscape in 2015, we developed our versatile EK-12 Lincoln Empowered curriculum, which offers multimodal standards-based digital content. Additionally, we recently acquired education 

publisher Evan-Moor to supplement our digital offerings and leverage the company’s online learning objects.

We are aware that all providers sell curriculum, offer educational services, and state that they are innovative, captivating, and groundbreaking. What sets us apart are customer relationships, the ability for teachers and students to personalize learning, and a robust set of performance tracking tools. We believe that a company creates the best brand ambassadors not by selling them with buzzwords or empty promises, but by truly listening, collaborating, and crafting an experience that is exclusive to every client. Without a doubt, you best understand your students’ needs; we strive each day to ensure you have a personalized educational program with the courses, granular content, tools, and services that best fit your needs and those of your students. 

When I am asked to recommend courses for K-12 students, Lincoln Learning immediately comes to mind. Not only do they have excellent courses, but the customer service provided is unparalled."

Pam Sovis | Former Director of Online Learning



The uniquely designed Lincoln Empowered online curriculum is fully adaptable to fit any classroom setting. With more than 170 online core, elective, and specialty courses, each Lincoln Empowered course provides students with proven, standards-based instruction that encourages excitement and creativity. Whether you are looking to expand curriculum choices for your students, start a virtual school program, or supplement content in your classroom, Lincoln Empowered’s standards-aligned courses can help to ensure your students’ content mastery.


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