Master Cursive Handwriting

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Cursive Handwriting Course

Set your child up for success by introducing cursive writing with Lincoln Empowered™ Cursive Handwriting. This fun, interactive enrichment is perfect for elementary students. The enrichment package includes 90 self-paced online lessons, engaging videos, and the Lincoln Empowered Cursive Handwriting Workbook.

Lincoln Empowered Cursive Handwriting includes lessons and activities that teach students cursive handwriting strokes, discuss forming uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, and show how to craft words and sentences using cursive handwriting. Students also learn proper posture and correct paper and pencil positioning.



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90 lessons and activities can be completed at a student's own pace

Procedural videos offer step-by-step instruction

Workbook allows for hands-on practice and multimodal learning

Easy set up for home instruction