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When students engage in higher-order thinking skills, they are better able to apply their learning through demonstration of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.

Rather than looking at credit recovery as simply an alternative method for earning credits and graduating, education leaders are beginning to look at credit recovery programs as a form of differentiated instruction and an opportunity to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success after graduation.
That's the vision behind Lincoln Empowered Credit Recovery courses: to emphasize the discovery of knowledge and skills, and to empower students to succeed beyond the recovery of credits.

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Prescriptive Pre-Test

A topic-level prescriptive Pre-Test allows for targeted, real-time data that aids in the understanding of a student's level of mastery.

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Standards-Aligned Content

Engaging, standards-aligned course content based on pre-test results creates a course uniquely designed for each student.

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Learning Object Level Questions

Assessment questions are aligned and tagged at the learning objective level where learning objectives collectively meet the standards.


The Lincoln Empowered Credit Recovery courses combine four facets of curriculum design, all of which equip students for content mastery.

  • A topic-level prescriptive Pre-Test
  • Engaging, standards-aligned course content
  • Assessment questions aligned and tagged at the learning objective level
  • An intuitive, user-friendly course design.

The Lincoln Empowered credit recovery course design allows students to work in a learning environment that is flexible and personalized. When students are given the tools they need for success, content mastery comes naturally.