K-5 Learn From Home Program

Big Rapids K-5 Learn From Home Program utilizes the Lincoln Empowered Kindergarten through Fifth Grade curriculum.

The Lincoln Empowered content aligns to the BRPS curriculum, and delivers proven, textbook-free instruction that generates student excitement and creativity in science, language arts, math, social studies, wellness, music, and visual arts.

If you chose the Learn From Home option, our BRPS Educational Team will be contacting you and your child the week of August 24-28 to enroll in classes.

We feel passionately that all students deserve access to the most powerful, personalized curriculum possible to ensure true content mastery. No matter the grade level, all Lincoln Empowered content is created by education and industry professionals according to the same research-based principles and learning design. This innovative curriculum provides a predictable learning routine that seamlessly blends content and the best-in-class technology to create a pathway for students to own their learning.

English Language Arts Samples Mathematics Samples
English Language Arts 1 Mathematics 2
English Language Arts 5 Mathematics 4
Science Samples Social Studies Samples
Science K Social Studies 3
Science 4 Social Studies 1
Visual Arts & Music Samples Wellness Samples
Art 3 Physical Education K
Music 5 Physical Education 2


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Extensive Student & Parent Support

Student Support


Empowered Student Tutorials

Every Lincoln course features intuitive and user-friendly online tools as well as comprehensive support and resources on course navigation, content, and assessments




Parent Support


Empowered Guide

With Lincoln Empowered, you're never alone. You can depend on our comprehensive parent guides for learning success tips, course navigation, and direction for all parents and students.




K-2 Student Experience


This video is geared for the youngest Lincoln Empowered learners, guiding them through course navigation including where to find technical support, teacher announcements, supply lists, the Parent and Teacher Guide, and the Guide to Social and Emotional Learning.

3-5 Student Experience


This video helps Lincoln Empowered students in grades 3-5 navigate their courses, including where to find teacher announcements, technical support, supply lists, and the Parent and Teacher Guide. It also highlights where to find student-friendly tutorial videos and provides tips for success in online learning

Sample More Lincoln Empowered Courses

What people are saying.

Pretty awesome when (my daughter) finishes history and science in the morning and asks if she can begin language arts!  #nomomstress right now. Win win!


Carrie Pratt

When early elementary learners begin the journey online, it can often prove to be a major learning curve. With Lincoln, you can see the focus developers have on the students they serve.

Diana Scott

Core Virtual/Elective Coordinator