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Leadership Summit

Our business model is simple; our clients come first. We aren’t in the market simply to sell a product or service. We’re here to partner with educators to design the programs that best fit their students’ needs and facilitate student success. 

Listening and responding to client concerns and suggestions is a huge part of ensuring that success. In December 2019, we hosted a two-day leadership summit for a select group of client representativesThis intimate atmosphere provided an opportunity for us to better understand the client experience, hash out client concerns regarding existing offerings, brainstorm ideas for improving existing products and designing new products to better meet client needs, and more. Not only that, but our clients were able to collaborate with each other to share best practices and develop meaningful goals for the future.  

Educators who partner with us work with our expert staff to ensure the experience they create is exactly what their students need. The short video to the right showcases why our partners choose Lincoln. 

“The customer service model that Lincoln brings forward is second to none.” - Andrew Hulbert, Superintendent of Michigan International Prep School

Photo of Kansas Online Learning Program employees celebrating 10 years of success


Kansas Online Learning Program

In 2009, Lincoln Learning met with Centre Unified School District and discussed options for creating a statewide online school to preserve the district. From these collaborative sessions, the Kansas Online Learning Program (KOLP) was born. Throughout program development, we provided KOLP staff with quality curriculum resources and assistance in recruitment, enrollment, and customer service. Remaining approachable and ever-present allowed us to work continuously with KOLP personnel to ensure the learning program met the district’s specifications. The program’s humble beginnings saw a 21-student enrollment in Year 1; however, each year draws increasing interest, and KOLP currently serves 350 students throughout the state.  

“Lincoln Learning was paramount in the creation of KOLP. Working with Lincoln was one of our best decisions in 10 years of a successful virtual program.” - Vickie Jirak, Director


Lincoln Learning Personalized Instruction

In 2016, Kitana Graham turned to PA Cyber after ongoing surgeries and extreme anxiety caused major delays in her high school coursework. Faced with looming deadlines and plagued by a shattered confidence, Kitana accepted personalized assistance from Lincoln Learning teacher Julianne Brancadora, who was facilitating courses for the cyber charter school. With regular tutoring sessions and Julianne’s unwavering support, Kitana completed German I with an A average and progressed successfully through all three courses in the German series. While overcoming Kit’s significant hurdles together, the pair formed an unbreakable bond that exemplifies our organization’s dedication to students and clients.   

“It’s not just German [Julianne] has helped her with. By helping [Kitana] to find ways to combat her learning disabilities, it’s helped her in her other subjects too. There’s not enough that we can say. She brought back my baby.” - Michelle Graham, Kitana’s mother

Photo of Kitana Graham and Julianne Brancadora
Photo of school district


Keystone Remediation Courses

In 2016, a brick-and-mortar school district in Allegheny County, PA, incorporated our digital content and assessment library into their curriculum. Finding great success with this new tool, the district approached us about developing a solution to provide remediation for students struggling to complete the Keystone Exams, a graduation requirement mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The district shared course sequence documents with our curriculum experts, which enabled our team to create crosswalks that paired our national standards-aligned content to the Pennsylvania standards covered in the Keystone Exams. Using the digital content and assessment library to pull learning objects from 20 Lincoln Empowered courses, our team designed three customized remediation courses with pre- and post-tests that enabled the district to fulfill their instructional needs in English Language Arts 10, Biology, and Algebra I.  

“The way Lincoln Learning Solutions has set up its digital library could revolutionize education. What we are ready to embark upon is a really big deal.” - Director of K-12 Curriculum

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