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At Lincoln Learning Solutions, our mission is to fuse progressive curriculum and technology solutions with superior customer service to exceed client and student expectations. Our dedicated team is here to support you along your educational journey with us.  

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Lincoln Empowered 

Lincoln Empowered is designed to address the diverse learning needs of EK-12 students and features more than 170 courses and 180,000 flexible learning objects and validated assessment items to help all students reach their educational goals.
    How are courses designed?

    During the strategic planning process, our curriculum team uses a backward design approach, documenting each standard, its respective learning objectives, associated assessment strategies, and asynchronous and blended instructional strategies. This meticulous process ensures all our PreK-12 core, elective, and credit recovery content is aligned to national Common Core standards in mathematics and English language arts and meets the highest standards in science (NGSS) and world languages (ACTFL), among others. Additionally, during the design and development process, our content authors employ universal design for instruction, the framework elements of 21st Century Skills, and the research-based strategies of Aurora Institute (formerly iNACOL) and Quality Matters.

    Who develops the curriculum?

    Lincoln Empowered is planned, written, and developed by a team of educators with education backgrounds and teaching certifications in their respective content areas. Our editing team then reviews the content and makes corrections and suggestions. The media team works with the curriculum team to supplement the main instruction with interactive elements. Our curriculum leads (managers), who are also credentialed in education and teaching certifications, review and approve the content before it is published for consumption. 


    Is Lincoln Learning Solutions accredited?

    From AdvancED, we hold corporate accreditations as well as school accreditations in Pennsylvania. These accreditations confirm our adherence to the AdvancED quality standards and processes regarding accountability and institutional quality for learner outcomes.  

    To validate content alignment to standards of all states, we have undergone a thorough correlation study through third-party validation organization, EdGate. EdGate ensures content correlation by curriculum review and monitors changes to national and state academic standards. In addition to robust analysis by content experts, EdGate also provides access to a cloud-based reporting system, supporting continuous review and updating by Lincoln Learning Solutions experts. This ongoing analysis ensures that potential content alignment gaps are identified and addressed. 

    What are learning objects?

    Learning objects are small pieces of educational content aligned to national education standards. Learning objects are presented in multiple modalities, such as instructional text, videos, games, or other online and offline activities. Several learning objects are presented together as lessons.  

    This framework gives students multiple ways to engage with, understand, and demonstrate their mastery of the content. For more information, watch the What  is a Learning Object video.  

    Can you describe the typical student experience in your courses?

    Our typical student experience varies depending on your student’s grade level. Please refer to our student experience videos, linked below, for more information.  

    Student Experience Grades K-2 

    Student Experience Grades 3-5 

    Student Experience Grades 6-8 

    Student Experience Grades 9-12 

    Are there platforms for student-to-student interaction in Lincoln courses?

    Teachers can add discussion boards, blogs, and even student choice activities that allow for peer review. There is not a messaging system within the LMS that allows students to communicate with other students or their teachers. 


    Students enrolled in Lincoln Empowered courses have the flexibility to learn in ways that best suit their individual learning styles. Our self-paced courses include educational videos, audio recordings, games, and interactive learning activities to meet the needs of all students.
    Where should I start?

    We encourage families to begin by visiting the Course Resources folder in each course.  

    • Download the Pacing Guide and print, if possible.  
    • For K-5 students, download the Parent and Teacher Guide. We encourage parents to read the introduction for important information on supporting your student’s learning.  

    For students, aim to complete one lesson in each course each school day.  

    • Open lesson folders to find learning activities. 
    • Begin each lesson by completing the Read It. These activities provide the instruction for each lesson.
    How should I pace my student?

    Lincoln Learning does not require a certain number of lessons per day or week, but your school district may. At Lincoln, we recommend that students spend between 45 minutes to one hour on one lesson per day in each primary subject area.  

    Keep in mind that students are not required to do all activities found within a lesson. We strongly recommend that students complete every Read It activity, as these provide the instruction. Practice Its, Show Its, Watch Its, Play Its, etc. are provided to give students ways to practice and reinforce knowledge prior to taking the assessment (Assess It). Assess Its are the only graded work.  Please note that students are not penalized for submitting work after the due dates shown in each course unless the school district sets particular due dates. The dates in each lesson serve as guides for students to stay on pace to finishing the course in a consistent and timely manner. 

    How are students graded?

    Students are only graded on Assess Its and Mastery Assess Its. You can use the course Pacing Guide (found within the Course Resources folder) to determine where Assess Its are located within each course. Your student will encounter the following types of Assess Its within Lincoln Empowered courses. 

    • An Online Assessment is one type of Assess It within Lincoln Learning courses. It may contain any combination of essay, short answer, matching, ordering, and multiple-choice questions. 
    • Mastery Assessments: This is an online assessment located at the end of a topic. This summative assessment is much like a unit exam. 
    • An Upload Assessment is the other type of Assess It. These assessments require students to upload a file or a Google Document. Examples include worksheets, audio submissions, and projects.  
    What if I don't have the materials needed to complete an assignment?

    Kits and materials are not required to complete any Lincoln course. Check the supply list found in the Course Resources folder for each course. Supply lists include recommend household items. Use this as a checklist to see what you already have at home. If you are using Lincoln teachers and you do not have the materials to complete a graded Assess It, please contact your teacher for a recommendation on other ways to compete the work.

    How do I use the to-do list?

    The To-Do List is a projection of soft due dates associated only to graded activities (Assess Its). In order to stay on pace, students should strive to submit work on, or near, these due dates. It is important that students complete Assess Its after completing lesson activities leading up to the Assess It. 

    You can use the course’s Pacing Guide as a checklist for activities to complete leading up to the Assess It. The Pacing Guide is located within the Course Resources folder for each course.  

    How do I get a green check mark beside my lesson folder or activity?

    By default, all course activities have a timed completion set to one minute. Please allow the page to stay open for at least one minute to see the check mark.

    The lesson folder will receive a check mark once all activities within the folder have check marks.

    Lincoln Learning does not require check marks on all activities. Ask your district about their requirements.

    What do I do if we are spending an exceptional amount of time on the coursework?

    If you are going through a school district, reach out to the mentor or teacher in charge of the course. They can help identify hurdles and implement time-effective and efficient adaptations.  

    If you are a homeschool parent, consider what portion of the learning is taking the most time. If it is reading the instructional text in the Read It, consider using the Teach Its (grades K-5) and TextHelp (grades K-12). If it is activities, consider if the student is struggling with the concept or the activity itself. Then, modify the activity based on the student’s abilities. 

    Do you offer video tutorials for students?

    Yes, please visit our Student Tutorials webpage to browse our video resources. 

    Who is responsible for IEPs?

    Lincoln Learning Solutions is not a District or Record, School of Record, Local Education Agency (LEA) or Teacher of Record and therefore assumes none of the duties, responsibilities or obligations relating to the special education needs; said duties, responsibilities and obligations including, but not limited to, the determination of the need for and appropriateness of any particular accommodation, shall be strictly and completely that of the client schools. Student Support Services will be provided by Lincoln Learning Solutions in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 


    When technology glitches happen, our technical support team is ready to help you get back on track.
    What do I do if I receive an error when trying to log in to my courses?

    Try troubleshooting with these steps. If you are still unable to log in, please request technical assistance. 

    Make sure you are using Chrome as your browser and not Safari.  

    Check the following settings/configurations on your iPad.  

    • iOS is 13 or higher 
    • Pop-ups enabled 
    • Cookies are not blocked 
    How do I log in to my courses?

    Visit and use the username and password provided in the Account Creation email that was sent to the email address you provided. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on your initial log in to Pulse, our student management system.  

    I need help. Who do I contact?

    For support with course navigation, visit our Teacher and Student Tutorials pages.  


    For sales-related inquiries, call 866.990.6637 and select Option 1. You can also email our sales department at  

    If you are using a Lincoln Learning assessment grader and have a question or concern regarding course progress or content, contact the teacher mentor through the school district, or submit a ServiceNow ticket.

    If you are using full-teacher services through Lincoln Learning and have a question or concern regarding course progress or content, you can send a message to the teacher directly through Buzz.

    I did not receive an Account Creation Email. What do I do?
    1. Begin by checking the junk and spam folders in your email.  
    2. Next, check with your school district if your student is enrolling through one.  
    3. Contact our technical support team by calling 1-866-990-6637 and selecting Option 2 when prompted. 
    How do I reset my password?

    Contact our technical support team by calling 1-866-990-6637 and selecting Option 2 when prompted. 

    You may also submit a technical support ticket from within your course. Click the Navicon in the top left corner of the course, select Technical Support, and submit a service ticket. 

    How do I ask for technical assistance?

    For any technical questions and issues, please visit our Service Now portal to submit a ticket or call 866.990.6637 and select Option 2. This includes access, log-in issues, and outages. 

    You may also submit a technical support ticket from within your course. Click the Navicon in the top left corner of the course, select Technical Support, and submit a service ticket. 

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