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In partnership with Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12, the Lincoln Learning Solutions Virtual School Solution offers a proven, flexible, and customizable way for districts to launch quickly and successfully a robust online schooling option without sacrificing the quality, identity, and feel of their local schools. With more than 15 years of experience in cyber school operations, and more than 160 core, elective, and credit recovery offerings with the Lincoln Empowered PreK-12 suite of online courses, Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 and Lincoln Learning Solutions will help guide you through the process with a specialized effort and targeted strategy.

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By breaking standards into key learning objectives and providing students with concrete learning objects, the Lincoln Empowered curriculum helps students master national and state standards. Learning objects are autonomous blocks of educational content aligned to specific national or state standards that are presented in multiple modalities. Different types of learning objects (e.g., instructional texts, videos, games, interactive simulations, assessments) are used in each lesson so that students have multiple ways to engage with, understand, and demonstrate their mastery of the content.


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By combining online media with offline activities designed to emphasize and reinforce content, Lincoln Empowered offers students multiple ways to engage with, understand, and demonstrate mastery. No matter a student’s preferred learning modality, Lincoln Empowered supplies various pathways for students to gauge their understanding of content and make real-world connections.


Student Centered

Student Centered

With an intuitive and user-friendly design, formative and summative assessments, and multimodal content options, Lincoln Empowered offers every student a tailored education experience. By addressing students' individual interests, skills, and needs, Lincoln Empowered ensures effective personalized learning for all.